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 I am delighted that you chose to visit our web site! Feel free to find the right resources that address your yearning need. I pray your visit will mark a new dawn of unstoppable growth in your life and ministry. Don't go away without
droping your information, I will like to contact you persononally and intimate you with our upcomings in your area.

~ Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John








Praise God. I met Dr Akin JOHN on the internet around 2004 after seeing his books and articles on a particular website. I tried to purchase all his books and I was afraid he might ran way with my little money. I sent him money from London and he sent me the materials I requested. After listening to those teachings and reading his books I saw how foolish I have been in life and ministry. I now ordered all of his materials and PAID for them. I sincerely gave attention to the truth in those materials. Few months down the road my perspective changed about ministry. It was the difference between a church and  ministry that changed my life. This same course he is teaching now. I have lived in London for over 20 years. It is through Dr Akin JOHN that I started KINGDOM ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY AND THE SUCCESSFUL MINISTERS ACADEMY which have campuses in London, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana. As we speak now we have a full training campus in Accra where it was solely built on Dr Akin JOHN teachings with over 100 students now. 97% of the curriculum we run is from Dr Akin JOHN. I have printed over 60 books as well.
If you can invest in all of Dr Akin JOHN materials you will see transformation in your life and ministry. As I speak now the income that God gives me through my training Center church can’t give me that. I really want to thank God for Dr Akin JOHN

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Consultancy Services

Is your Church looking at overly focused on one area of the turnaround process?
Some consultants will point everything to one component of the turnaround process (i.e. growth barriers, vision, etc.) and do little to address other key areas of your church’s revitalization. At ICGM,  our church/ ministry consulting service addresses all areas in a way that gives peace of mind that nothing has been left out.

Pastors have enough on their plates with preaching calendars, visitations, conflict
management, family events, endless meetings and myriad other challenges. We
understand, that is where we come in. We are denominationally flexible, with biblical principles and through clear processes make our recommendatons. ...Read More

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