Without Godly and Competent Pastors, there can be no living and vital local churches"


The Pastoral Health Empowerment Course is a 6 Months specially loaded program for Senior Pastors, Church Overseers, Bishops and Apostle, also Bible Schools and Colleges Rectors and Pastor's Coordinators and Trainers. It's a powerful program. loaded with essential materials and kits for training Pastors.

This program is enhanced for top audience, whose schedule and distance could be a limitation to partaking in the well of resources and training associated to this cource.  Books, Voluminous Study Material of various grades, broken into Modules of Studies, as well as Videos and Webinar Lecture Supports from and by the president of International Church Growth, Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John.

Like popular saying, 'only a fool do thirst in a pool of water.' Don't miss this grate opportunity. In ICGM, we strongly believe that material makes a Minister.  Trust us to add to what you know in a way we are sure you don't know.

Once again, we believe strongly that “Relevant, Quality, Impactful, Transformational training, Re-training and Continuous Equipping of Church Leaders is the key to Renewal, Revitalization and Health of local churches”.


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Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John
President, International Church Growth Ministries Chancellor, Global Church Growth Institute
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Tel: 08023000714, 08029744296

Payment Advise


The payment is payable in full and in part (installment). But to every module you are expected to have paid certain percentage before the Pay-pass will allow you to further into next module.The installmental payment is into 4 (four) parts. Each payment for respective module.  All the modules have different Pay-pass and we advise that you clear the payment before requiring the Pay-pass detail for the any module


Module 1 - 6 Courses (3 days in a Month/ 2 Months)  =  25%

Module 2 - 6 Courses (3 days in a Month/ 2 Months)  =  50%

Module 3 - 6 Courses (3 days in a Month/ 2 Months)  =  75%

Module 4 - 6 Courses (3 days in a Month/ 2 Months)  =  100%


FEE: Each Module is N32,000 / $85 Dollars


Pay to: Guaranty Trust Bank

A/C: Francis Bola Akin-John FOUNDATION

A/C NO: 0448963526

PAHEC Modules

4 levels Course custom made for churches and her leaders.


Module 1

* Personal Growth Development

* Becoming a healthy Leader

* Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

* Understanding Church Growth

* Developing problem Solving Skills

* Church turnaround Essential

Module 2

- The Ministry Loyal Associates

- Raising a Healthy Church

- Discipleship in Today’s Church

- Ministerial Life Foundation

- Financial intelligence for Ministers

- The healthy Pastor

Module 3

- The Dynamic Pulpit

- Practical Church Planting

- Effective Small Groups

- Follow Up and Evangelism

- Effective Men, Women and Youth Ministries

- Holy Spirit Anointing

Module 4

- Principles of Hermeneutics

- Flourishing Ministers in Ministry

- Church Administration Dynamics

- Healthy Marriage and Family

- Community taking strategies

- Fundamental Bible Studies

- Introducing and Managing Change




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