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Because Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, we believe that wholehearted submission to Christ by the church is crucial. Jesus is the builder of His church and we must submit to building His church according to His word.


Because leaders determine the level of churches. We prioritize the training, raising and equipping of church leaders. We value the place and power of leaders to lead the church up or down. We believe that leaders must grow personally if they are going to grow professionally.


We believe that every church and ministry can be creative to solve problems and experience growth. God is moving in new ways. Old methods are no longer working. We must be willing to change and adapt to new ways of doing church for growth and expansion.


Honesty is the most frequently cited trait of a good leader. We therefore value sincerity, honesty, integrity and credibility. We must be open and  transparent. We must live to earn the respect and trust of people. We believe leaders must be people of uncommon integrity and transparency.


Relationship is the heart of life and ministry. Leaders must be good relational people. We must cultivate, nurture and maintain our relationships. Relationships must be ongoing with God, family, friends, colleague and associates. We must consciously build bridges instead of walls.


We are convinced that the key to growth is an ongoing, long term process. Process is greater than programming. We are committed to quality growth that only comes through process. Leaders must follow the process of growth. We must build a well balanced church through godly process, not one-sided work.


Prayer is the key to unlock heaven and bring down the mighty hand of God upon the church. Church growth is 60% prayer and 40% principles and methods. Leaders must therefore pray, seek the Lord  and make the church a true house of prayer.


Our value about money is ‘make all you can, save all you can and give all you can’ in a godly, sincere and transparent ways. Finance must be accounted for and judiciously used to please God and expand His kingdom. Generousity, faithfulness and cheerfulness in financial matters is at our heart and life. Leaders must be trustworthy in their financial lives.

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Consultancy Services

Is your Church looking at overly focused on one area of the turnaround process?
Some consultants will point everything to one component of the turnaround process (i.e. growth barriers, vision, etc.) and do little to address other key areas of your church’s revitalization. At ICGM,  our church/ ministry consulting service addresses all areas in a way that gives peace of mind that nothing has been left out.

Pastors have enough on their plates with preaching calendars, visitations, conflict
management, family events, endless meetings and myriad other challenges. We
understand, that is where we come in. We are denominationally flexible, with biblical principles and through clear processes make our recommendatons. ...Read More

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