It’s a marvelous experience being in ICCR. A lot of tremendous changes have taken place in my life and ministry ever since I came to this institute. I thank God that has brought me here, I feel belong. – Pastors Mrs. Ademiniyi Sarah


ICCR has opened my eyes to some things in ministry so much that as I implement them in my ministry, there has been wonderful results. I thank God for what God has used International Church Growth Ministries to do in my ministry. – Pastor Amos Meleki


I was challenged to attend this institute when I attended Church Growth

Conference. Through this school I discovered my personal ministry and I have been encouraged to start. By the impact of this institute I am now resourceful and I’m able to reach out to many people without fear. I now flow confidently with the word of God in the midst of people. All these happened to me through the input that I have received from ICCR. It’s been a great blessing to be part of this noble institute. – Pastor Mrs. Omede

I thank God that through ICCR I have discovered many things in ministry which I have not been doing. Before I came to ICCR I could not write book, but through the teachings and training in this institute I can now write my book. Also I am now empowered to train my pastors through the materials and resources I have gathered in this institute. Praise the Lord! – Pastor Abel Nwachukwu


ICCR has been a blessing to me in many ways. Because has to do with people therefore the school has loaded me with more skills to handle people rightly. My ministry is seriously taking shape and lives are being transformed. The teachings in ICCR have been so amazing. This institute is indeed raising leaders and I really thank God for that. – Rev. Akibor Clems Preacher

Through this institute I have gained a lot of experiences and skills to rightly handle the people that work with me. As a General Overseer I have learnt how to handle some difficult issues in ministry. ICCR has improved me in so many things that I might even know but I did not value before. Therefore this institute is indeed a blessing. – Pastor Alfred Femi Ajifowowe


8.Since I got to know about ICCR from Church Growth conference, my eyes have been opened to many information that make ministry difficult if neglected. This institute has made me discover that there are some secrets that work in ministry which have been ignored. My understanding on how to fight the spiritual warfare that can open door for growth in ministry has been broadened. My leadership ability has been improved. – Pastor Ayobami Daramola



Having attended many Bible Collages, I was still HUNGRY and DESIRED "Something Diffrerent". This is because everything was like going round the circle, for all the CURRICULUMS were the same.

I came up with the idea of going to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to get Something Different.

The first attempt failed. About to make the second move, ICCR was introduced to me.

Having gone through the Institution, My two and half Years with ICCR (from Advanced Diploma to Doctorate Degree), have SWALLOWED the AMERICAN IDEA ( because I saw what I was looking for).


1. A MIDWIFE is to a pregnant woman.

2. FARM IMPLEMENTS are to a farmer.

3 A LAB SCIENTIST and LABORATORY are to the sick.

4. A SYRINGE (A medical instrument used to inject or withdraw fluids) is to a medical personnel.

I am glad to IDENTIFY with ICCR. I have no regrets. I can boldly Defend and Explain my CONCLUSION about ICCR anywhere and anytime.


3.My spiritual life has been transformed ever since I came to ICCR. I am presently one of the Sunday School teachers in my church. I have been so imparted in this institute that I am now called upon from other churches to lecture. Praise God! – Pastor Shola

Testimony- Dr Philip Aryee
Praise God. I met Dr Akin JOHN on the internet around 2004 after seeing his books and articles on a particular website. I tried to purchase all his books and I was afraid he might ran way with my little money. I sent him money from London and he sent me the materials I requested. After listening to those teachings and reading his books I saw how foolish I have been in life and ministry. I now ordered all of his materials and PAID for them. I sincerely gave attention to the truth in those materials. Few months down the road my perspective changed about ministry. It was the difference between a church and  ministry that changed my life. This same course he is teaching now. I have lived in London for over 20 years. It is through Dr Akin JOHN that I started KINGDOM ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY AND THE SUCCESSFUL MINISTERS ACADEMY which have campuses in London, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana. As we speak now we have a full training campus in Accra where it was solely built on Dr Akin JOHN teachings with over 100 students now. 97% of the curriculum we run is from Dr Akin JOHN. I have printed over 60 books as well.
If you can invest in all of Dr Akin JOHN materials you will see transformation in your life and ministry. As I speak now the income that God gives me through my training Center church can’t give me that. I really want to thank God for Dr Akin JOHN.